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In my previous posts I have shown you how to mine with CPU: How do I mine with CentOS? How do I mine with OS X? Solve Ubuntu MinerGate problem Now I will show how to mine with your video card. If until now I used to mine with MinerGate for Linux, loo...CONTINUE READING
At the end of January a new exchange platform will be launched, the name is What does this new platform promise? ANTIDDOS Protection Although we are in 2018 ANTI DDOS protection is not a thing to brag, the equipments have evolved a lot, and...CONTINUE READING

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One of my favorite coins is Ark? Why? Because it is an "all-in-one blockchain solution", and besides this main feature we can also list: Fast, Decentralized, Scalable, Collaborative, Bridging and Open Source. Perhaps the last three are not so important, but...CONTINUE READING
Ripple will be a part of the new service from DMM Bitcoin! What's this? Well DMM Group is an japanese entertainment conglomerate, the operator of popular e-commerce website How big is's big, from my research: was...CONTINUE READING