Ark Mobile Wallet Release

One of my favorite coins is Ark? Why? Because it is an "all-in-one blockchain solution", and besides this main feature we can also list: Fast, Decentralized, Scalable, Collaborative, Bridging and Open Source. Perhaps the last three are not so important, but for me the most important was FAST and SCALABLE, and these two features are the most important for today's development and usage.

The Ark team is moving fast with the launch of Mobile Wallets, the release includes wallets for Android and iOS operating systems. This main task had 4 subtasks:

At the moment all the work is done and made public!

You can get the Android version from here:

The iOS version from here:

As I saw at their announce the main features are:

You can read more at the official blog release:

At this time Ark has a value of ~7.2$

My assumption for Q2 2018 is a minimal value of 10$ ! You can take this advice or not .. Good luck at trading!