Ethereum Dark - new Ethereum

Ethereum Dark the new Ethereum solution for altcoins...what does this mean?

Ethereum Dark is a simple PoW (Proof of Work) and PoS (Proof of Stake), but as they say, this is mainly a Proof of Stake. They thought it was not the case to launch an ICO for that, to quote them  "everybody gets a fair chance from the start". Their goal is to make profits, secure and anonymous transactions, nothing new here, because they do that just like any other currency. In the near future, the team is about to retain some of the supply to ensure the blockchain works smoothly, until the time comes to decide what to do with the remaining supply.


They also gave some informations about their scripting:

PoS Percentage: 10% Annually/0.83% Monthly

Last PoW block: 10,000

Block Reward: 3 coins

Total Supply: 4.2 million coins

Additional Info: To stake you must leave the coins in your wallets and leave them on (24/7 for best results)


Initial Supply and Rollout Info:

Initial Supply = 2940000+
Proof of Work Difficulty = 0.05650192
Proof of Stake Difficulty = 0.00024414

General informations for earnings:

  • 10% for dev team (3.33% each)
  • 5% Marketing PR
  • 5% Free give aways in reward system
  • 5% To anyone who helps us gets listed on any exchange (We will divide this for members who work together, 1% per exchange)
  • 10% Bounties & Airdrops 1, 2, 3 and 4 (Final), (Airdrop 2 starts at 20k views, 3 and 4 will be announced soon)
  • 5% To help us pay for developments: (Creating merchant service, Smart Cards, Shopping platform and more)
  • 10% For development help: (Redesigned wallets, adding masternodes, cryptography, etc)
  • 5% To ensure block chain runs smooth (After all distributions are handed out, we will decide as a community on what to do with these coins)
  • 10% For Mods and translators (Each one gets paid once or twice a week, until supply is over)
  • 5% Lottery program. 4 winners per week. (Program length 156 weeks. Award amount = 336 coins per winner)

Do they have a roadmap? Yes they do! But not a quite an unique one, more likely like another one from the current market. So here is their roadmap:

  • Initial release of the coin into the market, this will include a secure multiplatform compatible wallet that will allow you to trade the coin on multiple exchanges
  • Bounty reward system: we are actively working on a bounty reward system for those who help us reach more people and help our blockchain
  • Release wallet and blockchain explorer for Windows, Linux and macOS
  • Working on creating our subreddit at the moment we will let you know once it is up and running
  • Integration of smart contracts, this is a priority for us since if-then conditions have become one of the most sought after features after anonymity and active scaling
  • Integration of cross chain swapping, this is an experimental feature on many altcoins. This feature will allow trading on multiple block chains without going through an intermediary such as shapeshift. We think that it is invaluable and are working around the clock for its implementation
  • Finally, a decentralized payments system that will be involving physical merchants, online point-of-sale and user-to-user transfers.

So, what I can tell right now about this coin is that:

Overall I am disappointed...but I'll give them a chance, maybe the first post is not that good, but in the future they can improve.