KICKICO is tradeable

What is KICKICO?

KICKICO helps innovators, game developers, blockchain leaders, entrepreneurs, designers, and other creators find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality. With the help of cryptocurrency, the support of our community & KICKONOMY’s power thousands of ideas will come to life.

So today, KICK has been officially launched for trading!

Did you miss the KICKICO ICO? Now the currency can be traded. Tokens are currently valid on the following exchange platforms:

And there are other exchange platforms in the near future.
Currently, the value of the coin is 0.2744 $, but it is only the beginning and in the coming months it will grow.

KICKICO also hosts other ICOs that will start in October 2017. The ICO's are:

So let's present them one by one.


STORIQA is aimed at the creation of all manner of e-commerce shops in which customers can use cryptocurrencies, including their own STQ token, to pay for all goods and services. STORIQA’s goal is to provide a peer-to-peer network which will allow consumers to connect with producers from all over the globe.



INS is creating a decentralized ecosystem that will enable consumers to buy groceries directly from manufacturers bypassing retailers, therefore saving up to 30% on their everyday shopping. It encourages manufacturers to promote and sell their products directly to consumers and request their valuable feedback, while leveraging the decentralized blockchain-powered consumer-to-manufacturer interaction to allow for a more personalized and trustworthy grocery shopping experience at significantly lower prices.



SQUAREX is the first full cycle ecosystem for real estate developers and investors based on blockchain technology. It uses smart contracts and covers every stage of construction process - from developers' documentation to lease, mortgage and completion.


Good luck in trading! smiley