Lisk 2017 release - Lisk Core v 1.0.0 release

At the end of 2017, more precisely at the end of December, it will launch Lisk Core v1.0.0, one of the main Lisk SDK components.

This is part of the development path that was shared in Q4 months: October, November, December:




Lisk Nano and Lisk Exporer are part of the beginning of Rebranding for Lisk Desktop, Lisk Web App.

Also, the team will expand with 2 QA frontends, 2 QP backends, 1 QA backend, 5 backends devs, 1 software architect and 1 project manager, and let's not forget about a new team called Creation science team.

So, after these announcements , the value of the Lisk, in my opinion, will increase