What is PPLNS and PPS?

What is PPLNS and PPS?

PPLNS si PPS are two different methods of calculating through them will determine your gain.


What is PPLNS?

PPLNS stands for  "Pay Per Last N Shares" and this method of calculating payouts includes a "chance" factor. If you want to use this payment method you have to know that PPLNS has a large range - aprox. 32% from your payouts. But PPLNS earns more than PPS (aprox. 6%), but this calculation is based on a few months of datas (in my case more than 3 months).


What is PPS?

PPS stand for "Pay Per Share" and is a direct method of payment, this will pay every finalized action. But it will reduce your gain aprox. 5%.


What should you use?

PPLNS (small bussiness) - if you want to earn money, it's logic to use this method due the higher payouts.

PPS (large bussiness) - if you want to have certain statistics and mine with big servers (like more than 3GH/s).