UPcoin.com new exchange platform

At the end of January a new exchange platform will be launched, the name is upcoin.com

What does this new platform promise?

Although we are in 2018 ANTI DDOS protection is not a thing to brag, the equipments have evolved a lot, and this protection has become a basic thing...so I'm not impressed by this feature, even though the they can resist at 1000 Gbit/sec

They say that they have servers located in 4 global regions to ensure fast server response. Ok, this is a good thing, but it is necessary for a promising platform like this. I personally worked with much smaller platforms and already had this infrastructure, again, it does not amaze me

They mention that they have independent auditors and they are constantly test the system. In my opinion, this is nice and increases confidence.



Coins and ICOs for trading

Then they say they will list "More than 1000 currencies" and this currencies will be available from the start. And a nice feature is this: "you will be able to buy or sell tokens of the most profitable ICOs" nice, right?


Customer support

365 days/year, 24 hours/day - a non-stop activity and this is good news and if you can still contact a technical staff then even good news


Other features

  1. Registered business - some legal advice, it's nice to hear this from time to time
  2. Global presence - server located in Asia(East and West I think), USA, Europe
  3. Verification - AML policy requires to use KYC (know your computer) policy
  4. Privacy - cannot be release to any state authorities (I'm thinking of an FBI check, will the pass the datas or not? Hmmm...)
  5. Bonuses to first users - i'll explain lower
  6. Active bounty program - they say that it's an bounty program and the amount is about 5 000 000 $ and it's about to launch
  7. High operating speed - they say that the servers can handle up to 5M transactions per second and up to 500 000 customer requests, I hope this is true and it will not happen like Bittrex exchange, where the loading speed has started to be a problem
  8. Traders from all around the globe - Uhm..don't know what to say, at this moment the have like 135 000 traders and the platform is not launched yet, hope that they will get more than 2 million soon
  9. Stable and comfortable performance on different devices - if they manage to make secure mobile applications, they will have a big plus
  10. Clear & understandable graphs -  I have never seen a trader who does not understand the graphs (exceptions are new ones)


Bonus registration

If you will register and pass through a small questionnaire + some joins on their social media accounts (facebook, twitter and telegram) they will reward you with 500$. The 500$ amount will be used for your trading fees, and the tax will be from 0.1% to 0.2%.


Referral system

They do have a referral system and the program rules are:

If you want, you can register using my referral link: upcoin.com/?ID=7d86d893 it does not cost you even a penny xD


What I don't like: